2013 Conference Testimonials


I was honored to be a part of the 2013 AATOD conference, to meet so many fellow advocates, to finally take the CMA course through NAMA Recovery, to be immersed in a group of people like me–dedicated to quality evidenced-based treatment for opioid dependence and to combatting the deeply embedded stigma against those suffering with and recovering from addiction. To be a patient welcomed on the same level as medical and clinical providers and PhD-level researchers was like a dream-come-true, because we have just as much to offer when given the opportunity. Thank you for the opportunity.
Jennifer Whitehead


Mark Parrino (with Talley Mngmt) continue to give us the best conferences anywhere. The “gurus” of opioid dependence research and treatment packed the house; giving us the history of 50 years of evidenced-based MAT treatment. Advocates; patients; researchers; treatment teams; and, doctors from all over the world made this another memorable conference. I have returned home with the latest information to share with patients and staff; “fired up” to continue our work. See you in Atlanta!
Pamela Andersen

Chicago, Illinois-BOUND!! Adios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…couldn’t have asked for a better work-week attending AATOD’s 2013 Conference with No Margin, No Mission’s New York, New York-based client partner, MARS Project!!
Michael Oxman

AATOD Conference 2013 + Dr. Kreek = Inspiration
Zac Talbott

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