2013 Special Message from the Conference Leadership

Hear ye, Hear ye, Let Recovery Ring In A New Era!

Whereas; We are closing in on the 2013 American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD) Conference. And

Whereas; The table is set for the convening this conference in what may be the most challenging of times for health care generally and the treatment of addiction in particular.

Whereas: As citizens of recovery and delegates to this conference we will be privy to a rich assemblage of speakers, workshop topics, the latest in technology, exhibits, posters and cutting edge discussion.

Whereas; From the start of the pre-conference weekend you can immerse yourself in certification courses for Medication Assisted Advocacy, attend the Buprenorphine and Office Based Treatment of Opioid Dependence, or enlighten yourself with OTP Staff Education and the Appropriate use of Methadone in the OTP , or seek Understanding Hepatitis in Substance Abuse Treating Setting, or checkout OTP Liability for Patient-Related Motor Vehicle Accidents, or Tobacco Cessation Program for OTPs, or explore Extended-Release Naltrexone Effectiveness findings and Clinical Experience all capped off with an opportunity to attend the AATOD open Board meeting.

Whereas; Whew, all that just on pre conference Saturday.

Whereas Sunday we continue to push the excellence envelope with the Opioid Maintenance Pharmacotherapy: Course for Clinicians, or the opportunity to experience Countering Opioid Stigma: Communicating Messages to Influence Public Perception, or Policy Considerations and Collaborative Partnerships; Working with Opioid Dependent Pregnant Women, or discover From START to finish: National and International Perspectives on Disseminating Research to Practice for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, or your delegate voice at the Opioid Treatment Program accreditation Town Hall Meeting, or come and listen to the Presentations by the World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (WFTOD), and

Whereas you can checkout the Risk Management Strategies for 2013 and Beyond, or seek to expand your understanding of Buprenorphine and Naltrexone: The Expanding Role of Medication Assisted Treatment

Whereas; pre-conference Sunday is not over.

Whereas; there will be the most excellent Welcome Reception challenging everyone to relax, connect with those we know, and those we don’t in an atmosphere of conviviality and fine entertainment.

Whereas we will be showing some wonderful exhibits and challenging Poster Topics that will keep you focused and challenge you to consider new ideas.

Whereas; We kick off the first day with Conference’s Opening Plenary on Monday November 11th , with excellent and thought provoking speakers (including yours truly) encouraging all delegates to Let recovery Ring in a New Era, spring boarding us into Day one workshops.

Whereas; we present for your consideration, Meeting the Needs of Patients with Co-Occurring Disorders, or examining the Impact of HIT and Health Reform on Medication Assisted Treatment, or understanding Alcohol and Benzodiazepines during Agonist Opioid Treatment, or an opportunity to peer into The Far Reaching Benefits of Patient Advisory and Advocacy Groups, or how to handle Hot Button Issues for Risk Management for Methadone Treatment, or debating the topics in the Hot Topic Roundtables.

Whereas; This will be an opening conference like no other . And we are not done yet for Monday.

Whereas; Whether we will be exploring Implementing MAT Policy and Services in East Africa, or OTP Health Homes: a Collaborative Model for Development and Implementation, or finding peace in Yoga Nidra in OTP, the conference continues to offer one dynamic workshop after another.

Whereas; Throughout the conference there will be exhibitors demonstrating the latest in innovation and technology in the field.

Whereas; we are not done yet for Monday, you can choose from the 50 year Follow-up of methadone Treatment for Opioid Addiction, or the Federal Health Policy Update for the Substance Use Disorder Field, or you can look into the Increasing Availability of MAT for Opioid Dependent Offenders at Re-Entry, or come see the New jersey Statewide Implementation of Medication Assisted Treatment, or delve into Opioid Agonist & Cardiac Safety: Pharmacovigilance ( I love this word) & ECG Implementation. And

Whereas; if that weren’t enough for one day we are having a Town Hall Addressing the Non-Medical Use of Prescription Opioids that promises to begin a dialogue you will continue back to your respective homes.
Whereas; We kick off Day 2 with the Middle Plenary and we are Keeping Recovery the Focus and the richness of the workshops continues.

Whereas, we invite you to share in Therapeutic Partnerships: The most Important Evidence-Based Practice, or get your heads around the Implications/Opportunities of Health Homes for Opioid Treatment Providers, or explore Vietnam: Developing Capacity for MMT in a Low Resource Environment, or tackle More than Abstinence: Supporting Physical Health & Well-being in OTP’s, or checkout my personal favorites, Development and Implementation of Recovery-oriented BPG for Buprenorphine and/or the Management of Benzodiazepines in Medication Assisted Treatment

Whereas; we are just getting started on Day 2 , continuing with the Use of Prescription Monitoring Programs in Opioid Treatment Programs, or learning about Engaging and Retaining Younger Veterans in Treatment, or looking at Strategies to Minimize Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), or Improving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Whereas; We cap off Day 2 with the Awards Banquet and Program honoring our history and those recipients of the Nyswander/Dole Marie awards, the Friend of the Field award and the Richard lane/Robert Holden Patient Advocacy Award, all while having a great time.

Whereas; Oh what A Night!

Whereas ; All good things must come to an end, but you would not know it by the lineup of workshops on Day 3.

Whereas; you can examine the MOTHER Study: What about the Children?, or drill down on A Data-Driven approach to Managing Risk and Monitoring Recovery, or put into perspective Benzodiazepine Risk and Management in OTP’s, or investigate the Recovery Model Using OTP’s in the Criminal justice System, process Overdose Prevention Education and Take-home Naloxone, or go Beyond “Beyond MARS”: A Look at three of the MARS Expansion Projects Peer Support Programs, or look into The joint Commission’s New Behavioral Health Home Certification Program, or another favorite, I can’t sleep! Understanding & Treating Sleep Issues in Methadone Patients, or examine Young Patients Recovery Initiative: Enhancing Treatment for Youth in MAT, or tackle Cannabis Use and Abuse: Physiology, Usage Trends and Risks.

Whereas; we are closing with a plenary on How Health Care Reform will impact OTP’s with a group of presenters as dynamic as Day1.

Whereas we are providing clinic tours, both walking and riding.

Whereas we are a conference firmly rooted in our present , ever mindful of our heritage, with an eye on not only our future but that of all healthcare.

Whereas; The only way to appreciate the 2013 AATOD Conference is to be there. Years from now when they ask where were you when they declared, “Let Recovery Ring in A New Era”, you can say you were here.

Whereas; if I were not so excited I probably would have written something much shorter. See ya!

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