Claude Hopkins, CADC

Claude Hopkins serves as a National Grievance Coordinator for National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery (NAMAR), Substance Abuse Counselor and Patient Advocate for JSAS HealthCare, serves on NAMA-R Board of Directors as a State Chapter Director, and is a member of “Stop Stigma Now.” Claude Hopkins applies over 40 years of his own personal recovery on methadone to help others still struggling with their addiction. He has established positive working relationships at the state and national level enhancing his ability to be an effective advocate and changing negative attitudes regarding the efficacy of medication assisted treatment (MAT). Claude previously served as a Patient Representative in New Jersey’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee, has served as a NJ Representative to “Faces and Voices of Recovery,” and is currently a Consultant to the NJ State Opioid Treatment Authority. Claude is described as an authentic, willing, and devoted Advocate. He has had a positive effect on NJ’s policies and practices as they relate to MAT. He is intelligent and balanced in his approach to challenges, which lends itself to positive outcomes for patients in the state of New Jersey

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