Donna Boone, MD – Illinois

Dr. Donna Boone has served as Medical Director at Wellspring Resources in Alton, Illinois, for nearly 26 years and is a compassionate physician and strong patient advocate. Dr. Boone was named Physician of the Year in 2012 by the Illinois Association for Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment for her dedication to delivering high quality treatment to each patient regardless of ability to pay. She has dedicated herself to the recovery of each individual in the program and proven to be a tremendous resource to the staff as well as the community. Her commitment extends to training staff in all areas of the organization. Dr. Boone has also educated primary care physicians on pregnancy and methadone, as well as serving as an advocate for her patients. She holds a deep respect for her patients and their right to self-determination. As a physician, she has raised the bar for patient care in the state of Illinois. Dr. Boone has made meaningful and consistent contributions that have had significant impact on opioid treatment in Illinois.

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