Henry Bartlett, MS – New York

Henry Bartlett has been in the field for more than 37 years, starting in 1977 in state government, transitioning in 2001 to representing the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) community in New York as Executive Director of Committee of Methadone Program Administrators (COMPA), and in 2014 becoming the Associate Director for New York State Government Affairs with Alkermes. While still in state government, Henry initiated the restructuring of the Medicaid rates for OTPs which included automatic annual inflation trending, bringing millions of additional dollars annually to the treatment of opioid addiction. Continuing his advocacy while at COMPA, he obtained Medicaid rate equity for freestanding programs and favorable overall Medicaid rates for all OTPs. Henry’s advocacy (both in state government and while at COMPA) has had the effect of adding more than two hundred million Medicaid dollars to the OTP treatment system in New York in the last 25 years. Henry has successfully prevented multiple program closures due to fiscal problems and difficulties in relocation. He has also been a driving force in the expansion of OTP services in upstate New York. At both the legislative and executive levels of state and local government, Henry has been a consistent advocate for all patients in New York to have access to evidence-based addiction treatment.

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