Jason Kletter, PhD – California

Dr. Jason Kletter is the President of Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment, which operates 22 Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) in five states. Dr. Kletter also serves as the President of the California Opioid Maintenance Providers (COMP) and as a Board Member of AATOD. Dr. Kletter has demonstrated excellence in many different aspects of the field as evidenced by support from colleagues, staff, patients, regulatory officials, and legislators. He is recognized in California for his determined patient advocacy and vocal support of increased access to high quality care with evidence-based practices. Those who know Dr. Kletter are familiar with his collaborative leadership and communication styles. Dr. Kletter is also known as an excellent resource given his exceptional knowledge base. This was highly evident in his work leading COMP providers through a political campaign to defeat the Governor’s budget proposal that would eliminate Medicaid funding for OTPs in California. Dr. Kletter developed and maintains a statewide conference on opioid treatment in California tailored specifically for OTP staff that includes many respected researchers and clinicians. He serves on the advisory board for the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Treatment (NAMA) Recovery and educates state policy makers on medication assisted treatment. Dr. Kletter has served as advisor to the California Department of Health Care Services, has participated in federal work groups with the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment initiatives as well as advising state legislators helping to craft sound policy into legislation.

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