The Honorable Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont

Governor Peter Shumlin’s career in public service began more than 30 years ago when at the age of 24 he was elected to serve on Putney, Vermont’s select board.

In 1990, he was appointed to fill an empty seat in the Vermont House of Representatives where he served for three years. He then served eight terms in the Vermont Senate and was elected by his colleagues to lead the Senate as President pro temore during that time. Elected Governor in 2010, he recognized the reality of the rising opioid related deaths in Vermont. In June 2013, Gov. Shumlin signed into law two bills aimed at reducing the toll of drug overdose deaths in the state. In 2014, Governor Shumlin decided to take a bold approach to this problem and devoted his entire “State of the State Address” to this public health crisis. In this call-to-arms speech, the Governor outlined an ambitious program to address opioid addiction. Since then, he has implemented plans increasing access and funding to addiction treatment programs and has had a significant impact on the surrounding region. Vermont is now said to lead the country in addressing opioid overdose through broad scale and comprehensive overdose prevention legislation.

The Governor is currently working with other governors in New England to be certain that he is doing all that he can to increase access to quality addiction treatment services. Governor Shumlin is being recognized for his holistic approach in confronting this public health crisis and the passion and energy he brings to this issue.

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