2016 Clinic Tours

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
1:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m. (subject to change)
Visit the Hospitality Table on-site for more information and to sign up for the tours.

  • Glenwood Life Counseling Center
    2016 marks 45 years of continuous service by Glenwood Life Counseling Center to the citizens of Baltimore. In 1971, Glenwood Life Counseling Center opened its doors as a small Opioid Treatment Program with the vision that “patients can embrace recovery and live healthy, drug free and productive lives.” To this day the much louder, prouder and bigger Glenwood Life Counseling Center continues our mission: “To deliver quality, medication assisted treatment to opiate addicted adults in the least restrictive, most respectful manner possible.”We are a CARF certified, private nonprofit providing community based comprehensive outpatient substance use disorders treatment.We pride ourselves on the many paths to recovery that we offer, including medication assisted treatment individual and group therapy, counseling, case management, interdisciplinary treatment team, IOP, and Health Home provided by our professional staff, as well as many peer driven services such as Peer Case Management, our recovery garden, the praise dance team, food bank, babysitting, our lending library, and community outreach.
  • Man Alive
    The first medication assisted treatment program in Maryland and second oldest in the country, Man Alive, Inc. has grown considerably since its inception in 1967. Man Alive provides a comprehensive, evidence-based, behavioral model of services, which are delivered by compassionate, highly skilled professionals and consumers.

    Artists in the field of writing, theatre, dance, music, photography and Qigong enrich the consumers’ lives by volunteering their time and expertise on site. Our philosophical model is deeply rooted in eliminating stigma by providing progressive and innovative treatment.

  • Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc.
    REACH Health Services
    REACH Health Services has been providing medication assisted treatment services since 1991, first from a mobile unit that traveled to four locations in the city, to our current, fixed site facility in the Old Goucher neighborhood of Baltimore City. We are the clinical services program within the Institutes for Behavior Resources and provide community based comprehensive outpatient substance use disorders treatment including medication assisted treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, family planning, peer recovery support, anti-stigma education and advocacy, and health home care management services to residents of Baltimore City and the surrounding areas. Additional service provision is enhanced through a close collaboration with local health care providers including somatic care, psychiatric rehabilitation facilities, homeless outreach services, food closets, shelters, etc. REACH is located in a neighborhood that offers a wide variety of mental health and somatic health care services. REACH is a CARF accredited program and has been since 2006.

    The staff at REACH believe that addiction is a chronic disease; that recovery from the disease is possible; and that the treatment of addictive disorders does not happen in a vacuum and not only within the walls of the program. We strongly believe that recovery is self-directed and empowering, involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation, is holistic, has cultural dimensions, exists on a continuum of health and wellness, involves a process of healing and self redefinition, involves transcending shame and stigma, is supported by allies, family and peers, and involves re-building a life in the community.

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