Alice Gleghorn, PhD, California

Alice Gleghorn, PhD, is the Director of the Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness. Prior to this directorship, she worked for the San Francisco Department of Public Health for 20 years where she developed innovative programs to improve the health and recovery of people who were opioid dependent. She was instrumental in the expansion of groundbreaking medication assisted programs for underserved communities while ensuring that uninsured and publicly insured patients in the San Francisco safety net have same day access to medication assisted treatment in multiple venues, and that treatment is not discontinued in San Francisco jails. Her leadership created a culture of compassion, outreach, treatment on demand, and equitable access to needed services, including methadone maintenance, buprenorphine maintenance, syringe access, and naloxone overdose rescue. Dr. Gleghorn’s tenacity and diligence in advocating and implementing pioneering evidence-based models has changed the treatment landscape in San Francisco.

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