Ray Caesar, LPC, Oklahoma

Ray Caesar has worked in the addictions field for over 30 years as a clinician, educator, consultant, author, and program director. Mr. Caesar was the 2012 recipient of the Oxford House Tom Fellows Award and the 2016 Lydia Norie Excellence Award presented by the Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Professional Counselor Association. As Oklahoma’s SOTA, Mr. Caesar has made extensive efforts to increase access to medication assisted treatment, and to combat stigma. Mr. Caesar worked to change state regulations to encourage opening of new programs, and played a fundamental role in the creation of OKATOD and in supporting an anti-stigma campaign during their first year in existence. He helped build a positive working relationship between drug courts and OTPs. Mr. Caesar is now advocating and working with the state on Medicaid reimbursement to increase access even further. Because of Ray Caesar, the state of Oklahoma is a better place for opioid treatment.

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