Spencer Clark, MSW, North Carolina

Spencer Clark has provided over 27 years of state leadership in addictions treatment and recovery, including development and implementation of state-of-the-art outcomes systems, to Opioid Treatment Providers and patients in North Carolina to ensure funding for both education and advocacy in the provision of treatment and recovery support. Mr. Clark fosters a culture of partnership and networking between the SOTA and the members of NCATOD. Under his leadership, the two entities work together to continuously improve the quality and availability of services to those in need. Mr. Clark developed a peer system for opioid treatment physicians statewide to provide support, consultation, training, and standards for safe opioid prescribing. Mr. Clark is a driving force in our field; his passion, compassion and dedication are unmatched. His genuine concern for the population served in NC, including the very special people who work in the field, is evident in all that he does for opioid treatment.

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