2017 Initiatives

In 2017, we will work to:
  • Increase the Number of OTPs to meet the increasing needs of people with opioid use disorders by working with federal and state governments.
  • Support Integrated Service Delivery Models by building upon the work of the three policy papers that were developed by the Association for SAMHSA.
  • Increase Access to Third Party Reimbursement for OTPs. Please click HERE to view our strategic initiative.
  • Develop Educational Materials for Elected Officials¬†which will require resources in order to effectively coordinate how OTP administrators and patient advocates are able to meet with such representatives.
  • Work with Federal and State Agency Partners in Support of Strategic Planning Initiatives by building upon our successful working relationships with ONDCP, SAMHSA, DEA, FDA, NIDA and all other federal agencies with a policy interest in this area.
  • Promulgate the Use of All Federally Approved Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorders¬†through OTPs.
  • Continue International Work. We will work with our partners in the World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence and EUROPAD in increasing access to treatment wherever it is needed in the world.
The donation funds raised throughout the year end will help expand these initiatives. Your support can make a difference to all of whom suffer from opioid dependence.
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