2018 Clinic Tours

Wednesday, March 14, 2108
1:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m. (subject to change)

Visit the Hospitality Table on-site for more information and to sign up for the tours.

Keeping true to its Settlement House roots, Greenwich House continues to address the most critical social needs of the New York City community. With this holistic view, Greenwich House provides MAT, as a gold standard of care, in a comprehensive and community-focused environment. Additional services offered include outpatient substance use treatment services, family development services as well as aging and youth.

Su Casa is part of the Lower Eastside Service Center that began in 1959 at 7 Gouverneur Slip East, New York. Su Casa, meaning your home, is the site for three unique residential therapeutic community programs. Methadone to Abstinence Rehabilitation is a 12/18-month therapeutic community for adults
with opioid dependence wanting to taper off of methadone/buprenorphine and reach long-term stable recovery. ShortStay Methadone Rehabilitation is a 6- to
9-month methadone/buprenorphine maintenance therapeutic community for adults needing the intensity of residential treatment and MAT. It is designed for
clients presenting great difficulty maintaining stability at ambulatory programs. Pregnant Women and Infant’s Program is a very unique 6- to 15-month treatment program for mothers and their infants. It is designed for pregnant women who have a history of opiate dependence or receive methadone. Each combines the effectiveness of community as method with the most current evidence-based clinical practices including medication-assisted treatment.

The Montefiore (previously Albert Einstein) Division of Substance Abuse clinics opened in the late 1960’s as MAT pioneers in both New York City and internationally. Montefiore has more than 1,100 opioid treatment patients at the Port Morris Wellness Center. Come see this patient-centered clinic in the South Bronx, an easy commute from midtown. In addition to comprehensive services that include MAT (methadone and buprenorphine), individual counseling, group counseling, family and peer support (Montefiore/Einstein is the birthplace of the world famous MARS program), the Port Morris program offers integrated primary care that includes treatment for HIV and Hepatitis C. As a part of their medical services, Port Morris offers Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) for patients who choose this support to promote adherence to all physical and behavioral health medications. Arts programs are a growing part of the clinic’s offerings and currently include a creative writing group and a dance group.

Located in the epicenter of New York City’s opioid epidemic in the Tremont area of the Bronx, VIP offers MAT services to close to 1,500 patients and provides residential and outpatient substance use and mental health treatment services. The continuum of services at VIP also includes housing and shelter services. VIP is dedicated to providing quality care that inspires to successfully meet the multifaceted and ever-changing needs of a culturally diverse community. In addition to being designated as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), VIP is the NYS downstate provider working with New York State OASAS on their SAMHSA project to increase access to opioid treatment in three high-risk areas identified by OASAS. OASAS is establishing Centers of Treatment Innovation (COTIs) to enhance existing SUD services and build a robust capacity to provide the full range of MAT options, evidence-based practices and peer support services. With the support of OASAS, VIP is also constructing its very own state of the art facility, and reconfiguring the organizational structure to sustain the same proficient localized services.

Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, West Midtown Medical has been a leader in MAT services for over 40 years. Offering a comprehensive and individualized approach to recovery, West Midtown offers individualized treatment options including methadone maintenance, outpatient treatment, buprenorphine, extended-release naltrexone and ancillary withdrawal management. Fully believing in a holistic approach to treatment, West Midtown Medical Group offers fully integrated primary care services including HIV treatment and podiatry care, and it has incorporated Hepatitis C treatment into its continuum.

Virtual Tours may be viewed in the COMPA Booth in the exhibit hall.
Conifer Park Plattsburgh’s outpatient program is one of six Conifer Park outpatient treatment programs in upstate New York. An integrated program provides a wide range of services addressing the needs of a diverse patient base. The program provides intensive programming both day and evening, dual recovery services and medication assisted treatment that includes methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol, not to mention any other medications necessary to assist one’s recovery. In November of 2013, this site opened the first OTP program in the North Country and untll the opening patients would have to travel roughly six hours round trip to receive treatment.

Take a virtual tour of Crouse Hospital’s OTP in Syracuse, NY. Dedicated to serving their community, the Crouse OTP is located in a converted house on a residential street. This focus on community integration is evident in their patient-centered approach and how they demonstrate dignity and respect in the treatment process. The Crouse team has been incremental in advocating for the advance of MAT in Central New York and developed a Central New York providers’ collaborative to advance treatment, support the expansion of capacity and ensure support for providers and patients.

Strong Memorial’s OTP is part of their comprehensive behavioral health services. In fact, Strong was selected as one of a small group of New York providers to participate in a SAMHSA Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic/CCBHC demonstration project. Recognizing the importance of all forms of MAT in this continuum and the benefit of the CCBHC to OTP clients, Strong has incorporated their OTP into their CCBHC, which will make for an interesting virtual tour of an integrated continuum.

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