Increasing Medicaid Utilization for OTPs: #3

Increasing Medicaid Utilization for OTPs: #3
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 – 12:30 pm EST to 2:00 PM


AATOD produced a third and final Medicaid webinar for 2016.  This was part of our webinar series to increase interest in utilizing Medicaid and other third party reimbursement where Opioid Treatment Programs exist in the United States.

As previously indicated, there is a much higher patient utilization of OTP services in states where Medicaid reimbursement mechanisms exists. At the present time, there are still 16 states that do not provide Medicaid reimbursement for OTPs in treating opioid use disorders. Georgia has implemented a Medicaid reimbursement program for eligible OTPs in their states and a number of other states are now considering these opportunities as well. There were two featured speakers for the webinar on December 14, 2016.


  • Gabrielle de la Gueronniere (Director of Policy for the Legal Action Center) will lead the discussion in providing participants with a better understanding of how best to utilize third party reimbursement in support of OTPs.


  • The second speaker will be Linda Hurley who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the CODAC treatment facilities in Rhode Island. Ms. Hurley will describe how her treatment program has worked to increase access to comprehensive services through a number of collaborative partnerships with other organizations successfully utilizing enhanced Medicaid reimbursement and other grant opportunities to achieve such results.


Without any question, the issue of providing Medicaid reimbursement and other third party reimbursement mechanisms for patients seeking and receiving care in OTPs is one of the most critical policy topics of this time.

Mark Parrino introduced the webinar and there was ample time for questions and answers. Each of the two speakers presented for 20 minutes with a PowerPoint presentation.  We are certain that you will find this webinar to be informative since all three speakers have valuable insight and experience.


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