Jason Kletter, Ph.D.


Jason Kletter is the President of Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment (BAART) where he has worked for 20 years in operational, management and executive roles. BAART operates 20 opioid treatment programs in five states serving 7,000 people each day. Dr. Kletter earned his doctorate in organizational psychology in 2001.

Dr. Kletter serves as the President of the California Opioid Maintenance Providers (COMP), representing the state association with the largest groupĀ of opioid treatment providers in the country, and as a board member of theĀ American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD).

Dr. Kletter works regularly with local, state and federal government officials to advise on regulations, policy, funding, and health care trends. Dr. Kletter has served as advisor to the California State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs on many committees including the Narcotic Treatment Program Advisory Committee, The California Outcome Management System Workgroup, the Counselor Certification Advisory Committee and the Continuum of Services System Redesign. He has also participated in federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment initiatives, advising on accreditation guidelines and evaluating training curricula for opioid treatment program physicians as well as advising state legislators helping to craft sound policy into legislation.

Dr. Kletter is married with two children.

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