Richard Froncillo, BS, LCDS


Richard Froncillo began working in the substance abuse treatment field in the State of Rhode Island in 1976. Currently he is the Director of Patient Advocacy for SMART Management/Discovery House, which is a national network of substance abuse treatment programs. Mr. Froncillo has extensive experience working with associations and legislative activities. He has participated in the certification process in the State of Rhode Island since 1977 and he has served as the Chairperson of this group for the past 18 years.

Mr. Froncillo earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Springfield College in Massachusetts in 1997. He is a certified advanced chemical dependency professional and a licensed clinical supervisor.

He is President of the Pennsylvania Association for the Treatment of Opioid Treatment (PATOD), an organization he has been active in since 1998 as the spokesperson/representative of the eight Discovery House clinics in PA.

Mr. Froncillo is a training consultant and is a volunteer program surveyor for CARF.

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