Article III – Purposes

The Corporation has been organized to:

  1. Promote good will and cooperation among its members.
  2. Promote the growth and development of medication assisted treatment services.
  3. Advise its members as to changes in applicable laws and regulations and advancements in medication assisted treatment.
  4. Advise its members as to legislative issues.
  5. Promote the coordination and communication among medication assisted treatment programs.
  6. Assist the general public in its understanding of medication assisted treatment.
  7. Support programs and services relative to the treatment, control or prevention of substance abuse.
  8. Enhance the quality of patient care in the provision of services to opioid dependent individuals and their families.
  9. Do all such acts and things as may be necessary, proper and advisable for the benefit of its members.
  10. Support the Recovery Model of Care in the provision of treatment to persons served.
  11. Promote and support the AATOD Code of Ethics in medication-assisted treatment.
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