March 05, 2018

2018 Clinic Tours

On behalf of the Hospitality Committee, with one week to go, we encourage you to attend the upcoming 2018 AATOD Conference in New York City, March 10-14 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.
Narrowing down the reasons we hope you will enjoy your stay in New York is a difficult task. However you will have plenty of opportunities to experience NYC’s civic pride, spanning everything from our superlative pizza and our expansive arts and culture scene to our place in history as an incubator of imagination, be it architectural, financial or spiritual.
The conference in NYC also provides an excellent way to see some of the innovative treatment options up close on one of our clinic tours or new this year see programs throughout the state through one of our virtual tours. Of course the AATOD conference is synonymous with the latest research, clinical partners on the national and international stage and an environment that empowers us all to expand our definitions of prevention, treatment and recovery.
We also recommend that you take time to review the  conference registration brochure and plan your conference time wisely so that you can also experience New York City
We look forward to navigating you through the vast offerings of New York City.
Yours respectfully,
HAYNES and Debbi Witham
2018 AATOD Hospitality Co-Chairs
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