January 23, 2018

Join Us For a Special Evening. #aatod2018

Join us during the 2018 AATOD Conference in NYC at the Marriott Marquis for the Awards Banquet on Monday night, March 12, 2018.

We will be honoring those individuals who have embodied the spirit of Drs. Nyswander and Dole by making outstanding contributions to the field of opioid treatment.  During this eventful night, Nyswander/Dole “Marie” Awards will be presented to Vickie Walters of Maryland, Dr. Gloria Baciewicz of New York, Stacey Pearce of Georgia, Hope Bolger of Virginia, Dr. Kathleen Maurer of Connecticut, Jonas Coatsworth of South Carolina, and Dr. Gabriele Fischer of Vienna. The Lane/Holden Patient Advocacy Award will be given to Paul Bowman of Massachusetts.

Last but not least, the esteemed “Friend of the Field” award will be presented to the Honorable Chris Christie, who will be in attendance at the banquet.

Presenting the Nyswander/Dole Awards is none other than a true pioneer in our field, Dr. Loretta Finnegan!

For more information on the award recipients and to REGISTER for the conference CLICK HERE!

Please join us for a lovely night of great food and celebration!

With warm regards,

Ann Jamieson

2018 AATOD Awards Committee Chair

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