Ending Stigma’s Harm: Patients and Providers United for Health and Recovery

  • Herman Joseph, PhD, Stop Stigma Now, New York, NY
  • Joycelyn Woods, MA, NAMA Recovery, New York, NY
  • Zac Talbott, CMA, Counseling Solutions of Chatsworth, Chatsworth, GA and NAMA Recovery, TN/GA Chapter

From the start of methadone treatment, patients have faced an increasing and pervasive social stigma comprised of misleading media, major social institutions, family, and friends. Prejudice and stigma have become the primary social forces confronting patients in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). For quality MAT to fulfill its potential, it will be necessary to challenge and end this negative influence. The various prejudices that patients face in their road to recovery include: language, family, criminal justice system, child welfare, health care, education, employment, life insurance, etc. The workshop concludes with strategies to end the stigma that patients experience.

*Foundations of MAT

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