Increasing Medicaid Utilization for OTPs: #1

Increasing Medicaid Utilization for OTPs: #1
June 15, 2016
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm EST
If you missed the opportunity to attend the webinar, we have provided the following resources:


This was the first webinar in the series to increase Medicaid reimbursement for OTPs. At the present time, there are sixteen states that do not provide any Medicaid reimbursement for OTPs in treating opioid addicted individuals. Georgia has recently announced plans to provide Medicaid reimbursement for eligible OTPs in their state, representing a major and productive break through. A recently published article “Medicaid Coverage for Methadone Maintenance and Use of Opioid Agonist Therapy in Specialty Addiction Treatment” (Brendan Saloner, Kenneth Stoller, and Colleen Barry) also compared the states with and without Medicaid coverage for patients seeking care in OTPs. The study indicated a much higher percentage of OTP utilization in states where such Medicaid reimbursement is provided for Medicaid eligible patients.

There were three speakers for this first webinar:
  • Paul Samuels (President/ Legal Action Center) led the discussion providing participants with a better understanding of how best to utilize the reimbursement mechanisms in support of OTPS. He drew on the lessons from the Coalition for Whole Health.
  • The second speaker was Barbara Cimaglio who is the Deputy Commissioner of Vermont’s Department of Health Agency of Human Services, discussing how Medicaid and other grant funds have been used to support the Vermont Hub and Spoke model of care. It is an extremely successful model which has increased access to treatment for opioid addicted individuals in Vermont in addition to effectively managing how patients get access to different levels of needed care.
  • The third speaker was Allegra Schorr who serves as the President of the New York State COMPA (OTP provides). Ms. Schorr focused her discussion on the process of obtaining a recently approved buprenorphine specific Medicaid reimbursement rate for OTPs in New York State.


The issue of Medicaid reimbursement for patients seeking and receiving care in OTPs is a critical policy topic at this time.

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