Increasing Medicaid Utilization for OTPs: #4

Increasing Medicaid Utilization for OTPs: #4
Wednesday, March 29, 2017  – 12:30 pm EST to 2:00 PM

AATOD produced a fourth Medicaid Webinar in our series that began in 2016. This webinar was the first of several for 2017 and convenes on March 29th, 2017. The primary objective in producing this series is to increase the utilization of Medicaid and other third-party reimbursement for OTPs in the United States.

There were three featured speakers for the webinar of March 29th,2017.

  • Paul Samuels (President – Legal Action Center) will lead the discussion in providing participants with a better understanding of how best to utilize third-party reimbursement in support of OTPs in the current financial era. Paul will certainly draw upon the lessons from his work with the Coalition for Whole Health.
  • The second speaker will be John Peloquin, who serves as the Division President of ACADIA Healthcare. John will discuss best models of working with Medicaid reimbursement in the states where ACADIA has sited its OTPs.
  • The third speaker will be Richard Weisskopf. He is the long-standing State Opioid Treatment Authority for Illinois. Richard will discuss the Illinois plan for developing Medicaid reimbursement opportunities for OTPs in the state.

The issue of providing Medicaid reimbursement and other third-party reimbursement mechanisms for patients seeking and receiving care in OTPs is one of the most critical policy topics for AATOD and is part of our Five-Year strategic plan.

Mark Parrino introduced the webinar.


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