Jerome E. Rhodes, Pennsylvania

Jerome Rhodes is currently the Chief Operating Officer at CRC Health Group and has over 30 years of healthcare industry experience. He serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems and is Chairman of the Addiction Committee. Prior to his employment at CRC, he was Chief Executive Officer for Comprehensive Addictions Programs and it became a national, full service addiction treatment provider of both residential and opiate treatment. Mr. Rhodes has increased access to treatment in the Mid-Atlantic area, particularly Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware; all areas with significant opposition to facilities that treat opioid dependence. He pioneered the use of methadone treatment in several residential facilities where it was previously unavailable. Mr. Rhodes works behind the scene and provides the necessary resources to fight regulations that negatively impact our patients and the treatment field. He brings respect to staff and patients and develops caring leaders in Pennsylvania and across the country.

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