Maricopa County Correctional Health Methadone Program

  • Jeffrey Alvarez, MD, Maricopa County Correctional Health Services, Phoenix, AZ
  • Rick Christensen, PA, Community Medical Services, Phoenix, AZ
  • Michael C. White, MCJ, Community Medical Services, Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Alvarez, the Director of Maricopa County Corrections, will address the process of developing a jail Opioid Treatment Program, collaborating with a community provider, and expanding medication assisted treatment to include all jail populations/demographics, along with Maricopa County Drug Courts and local Diversion Programs. Rick Christensen of Community Medical Services will discuss the development and implementation steps required to create the proper continuum of care and changes in culture needed to sustain the program. Michael White will discuss the Collective Impact Model along with Community Based Services to better support patients navigating multiple systems, accessing needed resources, and establishing a foundation of community partners.


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