Article IX – Membership Dues

  1. The Board of Directors, with the advisement of the Finance Committee,  shall establish membership dues for current members and state or country organizations wishing to join the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc.
  2.  State or Country Membership Dues should be submitted in the form of a single payment, unless approved in advance by the Treasurer.
  3. Annual Dues are payable in full no later than March 31st unless the Treasurer has approved in advance a written payment plan.
  4. Should a Member State or Country fail to pay their Annual Dues within six months from receipt of notification, they will be considered out of compliance with the fiscal policies of the Association and as such will be considered not in Good Standing.
  5. Member States or Countries that have failed to pay their annual dues per Article IX paragraph 4, will be suspended from membership.
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