2013 Poster Topics

Short Message Service Interventions for the Substance Use Population
MerriBeth Adams, PhD

Retention in OTP—What We Know
Janet Aiyeku, MPA

From the Emergency Department (ED) through the OTP— Recent Findings on ED Visits and OTP Treatment involving Buprenorphine and Methadone
Sara Azimi-Bolourian, MD

Impact of Readiness-to-Change on Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain in Opioid Dependent Patients
Victoria Asphaug, MScPH

Twelve Month Safety, Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction with an Implantable Formulation of Buprenorphine
Genie Bailey, MD

Nutritional Status, Chronic Pain and Body Mass Index in ORT Patients
Katharina Wiest, PhD

A Comprehensive Multistep Benzodiazepine Reduction Plan in a Suburban Opioid Treatment Program with Predominantly Prescribed Benzodiazepine Use
Jonathan Berman, MD

Keys to Recovery—A Better Alternative to NA and AA
Nancy Brison Moll, PhD

Strategies for Integrating Psychosocial Treatment with Pharmacologic Management for Youth with Co-Occurring Opioid and Mental Health Disorders—The Therapeutic Health ServicesENCOMPASS Experience
Susan Caverly, PhD

Allan Cohen, MA

Benzodiazepine Use and Retention in Medication Assisted Treatment
Jordan Deaner

Opioid Dependent College and University Students
Peter DeMaria, MD

Gender-Specific Peer Support in a Comprehensive Women’s Treatment Program—Healing the Heart, the Mind and the Spiritof Women and their Children
Darlene DeMore

Patient Self-Selection of IOP Level Services and Associated Outcomes
Kathryn Floyd, MSW

Reducing Patient Attrition 5X5
Arron Hightower, MA

The Impact of Stress and Trauma on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Initial Treatment Engagement (ITE) in Opioid Dependence Recovery
Kellie Jaremko, BS

Extended-Release Naltrexone Treatment of Veterans with PTSD and other Co-Occurring Disorders—A Case Series
Jessica Keyser, PhD

Integrated Care—One OTP’s Experience
Evan Kletter, PhD

Specialty Care Medical Home—Improving Care to Vulnerable Elders on Methadone
Michelle Kletter, BA

Finances and Budgets—The Part of Addictions We Don’t Treatment Plan For
Dave Kneessy, MS

Co-Occurring Disorders and Higher Levels of Care at a Methadone Clinic
Kathleen Lee, MA

Structured Entry vs. Unstructured Entry—Which Works Best?
Deborah Malatesta, MSW

Relapse Prevention at ThanhDa Drug Treatment Center, Vietnam
Minh Nguyen Phan

A Fee for Service Model in a Low Resource Country—Assessing Ability to Pay for the Cost of Methadone Treatment in the Absence of Insurance Coverage
Thuy Nga Nguyen Thi, MS

Characteristics of Methadone Maintenance Treatment PatientsWho Achieve Maximal Available Take-home Doses Privileges(two weeks)
Einat Peles, PhD

Specially-trained Nurses Network Education Program for Hepatitis C Treatment in Outpatients—Results in 222 patients and benefits for drugs users with OST and inmates
Andre Jean Remy, MD

Non-opioid Substance Use Among Opioid Dependent Patients Enrolling in Opioid Treatment Programs—A latent class analysis
Andrew Rosenblum, PhD

Effective Collaboration within the Criminal Justice System
Tracy Simmons-Hart, MS

Seeking Recovery in MAT—Observations from the MARS Project
Jo Sotheran, PhD

Continuous Recovery Monitoring in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence
Samuel Stein, FRCPsych

Subtle Neuro-Developmental Difficulties in Childhood and Opioid Misuse in Young Adulthood
Samuel Stein, FRCPsych

Actual Causes of Death Among Patients Enrolled in Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Jeanette Tetrault, MD

From START to Finish—Findings from the Starting Treatment with Agonist Replacement Therapies Study
George Woody, MD

Analysis of the Impact of Treatment Persistence on Health Care Charges Among Opioid Dependent Patients Treated withBuprenorphine/Naloxone using a US Insurance Database
Vladimir Zah, PhD(c)

Persistence and Healthcare Costs among US Medicaid Population Opioid Dependent Patients Treated with Buprenorphine/Naloxone Film and Tablet Formulations
Vladimir Zah, PhD(c)

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