Celebrating Effective Treatment
Written by Ed Ohlinger, Virginia AATOD Board Delegate
October 29, 2016

In 2016, the Virginia Association of Medication Assisted Recovery Programs, VAMARP celebrated its 10th anniversary.

We will be hosting a 2-day conference in the spring of 2017, “Celebrating Effective Treatment”. The spirit of this event will focus on networking, professional support, training, and reflection on the many changes in the field of opioid treatment. We are building tracks that will provide insight and education about the individuals we serve, effective and efficient facility operations and compliance.

The conference will be held in R i c h m o n d , Virginia, on March 27-28. Our opening speaker is William Gaertner, M.D. and Board Certified Addictionologist. We are also very excited to have Mark Parrino, President of AATOD, as our keynote speaker.

We are putting together a diverse menu of educational sessions focusing on multi-disciplinary topics. Some of those are pregnancy and MAT, group facilitation, relapse prevention, fighting stigma. We will also offer techniques for OTP Directors, producing quality documentation, crisis management and effective communication. Other areas of focus will be women’s health, family engagement and the roles of nurses in substance abuse treatment facilities.

VAMARP takes great pride in promoting effective treatment and advocating for individuals that have been affected by opioid use disorder. If you would like to learn more or to become a member please contact Judy Schmidt at

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