January 12, 2018

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Mark W. Parrino, M.P.A.

Dear Friend and Colleagues,

We have been extremely active in 2017 in working with federal and state agencies in addition to treatment providers with regard to a number of critical policy topics. We have been working to increase Medicaid reimbursement for OTPs. The most recent examples are Georgia in 2016, in addition to Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia in 2017. As we crossed into 2018, it is anticipated that Kentucky will be implemeting such Medicaid rates as well.

We have also been working with CMS Medicare representatives and Congressional staff with regard to developing a Medicare Part B reimbursement for OTPs. We have been pressing this reimbursement for many years and it has been elusive. There is far greater interest at the present time and while we think this will be a long and detailed effort, we do see this coming to fruition.

As most of you know, we recently released Conference registration materials in anticipation of the New York AATOD Conference, which will convene at the Marriot Marquis Hotel at New York City, between March 10th-14th, 2018. Ms. Allegra Schorr is serving as a Chair of this Conference and she has been working hard with all of our Conference Committee Chairs and New York State OASAS representatives to produce a content rich Conference, which will also provide excellent policy and clinical direction to Conference participants.

We will continue our work with the DEA in 2018 with regard to mobile van policy development, allowing more vans to open in the United States and affiliate with OTPs as part of the bricks and mortar process of expansion. We know that there are several states that already have plans to develop such new mobile van units and it is hoped that we will have positive news in early Spring of 2018 from our DEA associates.

We will also work with the DEA leadership to encourage the release of the revised NTP Guidelines, which will follow the mobile van policy implementation.

We are also working with the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry with regard to telemedicine guidelines for OTPs. These guidelines will be helpful in providing further guidance to both SAMHSA and the DEA about how we think such telemedicine practices can be incorporated within OTPs.

We look forward to our approaching Conference in New York and in facing the many challenges that lie ahead for 2018. Our struggle will be to increase access to treatment while ensuring quality of services as more untreated people get access to good quality comprehensive care through the OTP hub sites.

Hoping to see you at our Conference in New York!

Sincerely yours,
Mark W. Parrino, M.P.A.
AATOD President

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it is about time some one reconized medicated asisted recovery

03/07/17 @ 12:08 pm

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