Article XIII – Qualifications for Membership to the Board

1. Prospective Board members shall:

a. be citizens of the United States of America, its territories or legal residents of same or a citizen of the member country represented;

b. have backgrounds that will help promote or support the activities of the Corporation;

c. be of good moral character (past history of drug abuse or criminal activity should not bar an individual as long as the present status of such individual is that of a responsible, law-abiding citizen)

d. commit to being active in support of the Corporation and attend Board meetings;

e. avoid both the deed and the appearance of a conflict of interest.

2. Conflict of Interest. With respect to conflict of interest the Board determines that:

a. Paid employment by the Corporation shall not, per se, constitute a disqualification for membership on the Board.

b. Board members who are employed by or serve on the Board of any agency seeking financial support from the Corporation shall refrain, directly or indirectly, from lobbying other members or staff to advance the interest of such agency, shall disclose any interest in the affairs of such agency, shall refrain from voting upon the question of whether the Corporation should provide financial support to such agency, and shall withdraw from the meeting when such question is considered.

c. The Board of Directors shall from time to time establish such other interpretative guidance as may be appropriate for such issues as may arise and be presented to it for determination.

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