The New Day Campaign: Where Stigma Ends, Healing Begins

  • Peter Bruun, New Day Campaign, Towson, MD
  • Robert Schwartz, MD, Friends Research Institute, Baltimore, MD

The strategy of the session, The New Day Campaign: Where Stigma Ends, Healing Begins, is to bring participants together with art, heart, and humanizing. Once participants are in a place of caring and healing, discussion of the many aspects of dealing with stigma and paths to action will lead to participants leaving with the motivation and information to work in their communities, programs, and personal lives on ending stigma for those with substance use disorders. The presentation is interactive and includes time for reflection, discussion, and engagement with the presenters and the audience. The presentation includes a presentation of evidence-based treatment models, meditation, poetry, filmography, audiography, song, visual arts and conversation meant to inspire, engage, and question, and a discussion of the dance between art, healing, and anti-stigma.

Sponsored by Friends Medical Laboratory, Inc. and Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc.–REACH Health Services


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