Vivitrol/Naltrexone Guidelines Description Continued…

The AATOD Board of Directors asked the Medications Committee to develop the attached Vivitrol/Naltrexone Guidelines in OTPs. Dr. Brian McCarroll is the principal author of these guidelines and worked with his associates on the Medications Committee, as Chaired by Dr. George Stavros. The entire AATOD Board of Directors had the opportunity to review these guidelines in detail and have approved them for release to our field.

These guidelines have also been reviewed by our associates in the professional medical communities in addition to a number of State Opioid Treatment Authorities and physicians who work in our field.

It is the Board’s collective hope that these guidelines will encourage the use of these medications in OTPs as part of treatment and relapse prevention.

Please click HERE to view the Vivitrol/Naltrexone Guidelines.

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