What to Do When Courts, Insurers and Others Block Effective Treatment

  • Sally Friedman, JD, Legal Action Center, New York, NY
  • Karla Lopez, JD, Legal Action Center, New York, NY
  • Melissa Trent, JD, Legal Action Center, New York, NY

Individuals often cannot access medication assisted treatment (MAT) because criminal justice and child welfare agencies will not allow it and insurers will not cover it. This workshop explains how to overcome these barriers. The presenters will explain legal mandates and advocacy strategies featured in Legal Action Center’s two groundbreaking reports, “Medication-Assisted Treatment in Drug Courts: Recommended Strategies” and “Health Insurance for Addiction & Mental Health Care: A Guide to the Federal Parity Law.” Participants will learn how to work with courts and others to permit MAT and how to identify and challenge parity violations.

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