Youth Treatment: Current Research and Clinical Approaches

  • Marc Fishman, MD, Maryland Treatment Centers, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • Shannon Mitchell, PhD, Friends Research Institute, Baltimore, MD
  • Hoa Vo, PhD, Maryland Treatment Centers, Baltimore, MD


This presentation will describe the special developmental vulnerabilities and treatment needs of adolescents and young adults, and review current research findings and innovative clinical approaches on opioid addiction. It will cover an ongoing randomized trial of extended-release naltrexone, and a naturalistic study comparing its effectiveness with buprenorphine. Challenges include the linkages from inpatient to outpatient treatment; use and choice of relapse prevention medications; barriers to retention; the need for developmentally informed approaches to engagement; the encouragement of broader family involvement and support, including the balance of confidentiality vs family communication; and approaches to ongoing use of non-opioid substances during treatment.


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