Canon of Ethics

The American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence’s Board of Directors resolves that programs and individuals will:

  • Ensure that patients are treated with compassion, respect and dignity regardless of race, creed, age, sex, handicaps or sexual orientations.
  • Retain competent and responsible personnel who will adhere to a strict code of professional ethics including but not limited to the prohibition of fraternization with patients, exploitation of patients and criminal behavior.
  • Subscribe to the treatment principles as published in the CSAT TIP 43, Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treatment Programs, which serve as a resource in making therapeutic treatment decisions.
  • Provide patients with accurate and complete information regarding methadone treatment, the nature of available services and the availability of alternative treatment modalities prior to admission and throughout the treatment process.
  • Ensure that discharge from treatment is conducted in accordance with sound and medically acceptable practice. The patient will be assured of due process if the discharge is administrative in nature.
  • Provide a safe and clean environment for patients and staff that is conducive to the therapeutic process.
  • Remain in compliance with the required Federal, State and local operating standards.
  • Take all necessary and appropriate measures to maintain individual patient records and information in a confidential and professional manner.
  • Strive to maintain good relations with its surrounding community and pursue every reasonable action to encourage responsible patient behavior and community safety.

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