Ricky Morris

Outreach Organizer
Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition

Ricky Morris is an Outreach Coordinator for the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. Born and raised in West Baltimore, Ricky Morris speaks about addiction and recovery from direct experience. He also serves as a harm reduction specialist for Bmore Peers Offering Wellness and Education Resources (Bmore POWER), a grassroots harm reduction organization. He provides street outreach, grassroots education, and training in overdose prevention and response. Morris was a featured speaker at the U.S. Conference on AIDS 2017, the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Regional Conference 2017, and the Strong City Neighborhood Institute 2018. He has spoken at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, the Maryland State House and Senate, and Baltimore’s Everyman Theater. He has given media interviews to ABC2News, the Real News Network, and Baltimore Brew. Since 2014, Morris has provided harm reduction training and education to hundreds of community residents, people in recovery, social workers, nursing students, and other medical professionals.


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