“This conference is THE conference to attend for anyone who works in the addiction treatment or allied health field and is committed to keeping current with the most current treatment options available to help patients. Medication assisted treatment is cost-effective and achieves positive patient outcomes. In addition to providing outstanding training for counselors, nurses, physicians, clinical supervisors and administrators, this conference is beneficial for policy makers and individuals working in the child welfare, criminal justice, and HIV/AIDS fields. Program administrators also benefit by having direct access to vendors who provide the services and products we need and want. This makes our job of managing program resources much easier.”
Kate Mahoney, PEER Services, Evanston , IL

“This conference has always been first rate and offers the opportunity to meet and network with a variety of clinicians, researchers, policy makers and government officials involved in substance abuse treatment. Although I no longer operate an OTP, I continue to find the conference a treasure trove of information and new ideas. Inasmuch as opioid misuse continues to be of great concern, it is an excellent place for those outside this particular specialty to acquaint themselves with state of the art research and effective interventions for problems such as prescription drug abuse. Many of the conference topics (spirituality, community relationships, recovery oriented systems of care, peer mentoring, stigma) have applicability beyond opioid addiction. The sizeable international contingent offers a thought provoking perspective on treatment in the US . The Awards Banquet is always an inspiring reminder of the impact of the work that we do.”
Joan Zweben, Ph.D.- East Bay Community Recovery Project, Oakland , CA

“I have attended the AATOD Conference for the past 11 years. I attended the Clinicians’ Course for the first time at the 2010 conference with a new physician who was working in one of our programs. The Clinicians’ Course was invaluable in presenting a complete medical overview of Opioid Treatment from a historical perspective to current best practice guidelines along with providing case study discussions and resource materials. I would recommend it for any physician or clinician working in an Opioid Treatment Program.”
Tina Beckley , MA – Regional Manager of Behavioral Health Group

“The AATOD Conference is the only place one can obtain the latest information and the most comprehensive training in the opiate treatment field under one roof. No other organization brings together opiate treatment providers, researchers, policy makers, regulators, manufacturers, and other related vendors, all in one place. One learns as much about the field in the hallways as you do in the workshops. This is due to the quality of the participants and the presentations in every category. AATOD is the field’s leading advocate, educator, policy monitor, publicist, and facilitator all rolled up into one.”
Richard Weisskopf, Chicago , IL

“This is the best conference in the country for integrating science and staff training for all levels of providers in the treatment of opioid dependence. It provides critical information for policy makers, administrators, and front line clinicians and it creates a forum for clinicians to receive validation for their difficult work and to learn from each other. The strength of the AATOD Conference is that it is a balance between disseminating the latest research data and providing practical clinical tools.”
Karol Kaltenbach, PhD
Maternal Addiction Treatment Education and Research, Thomas Jefferson University , Philadelphia , PA

As supporters of #MedicationAssistedTreatment, we understand the dangers of allowing methadone – a Schedule II narcotic – to be distributed at local pharmacies. 
ACT NOW by telling Congress to protect the #OTP standard of care & our communities: https://programnotapill.com/write-congress/ #PNAP

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