October 04, 2017

Recommendations in Siting New OTPs in the United States

As many of our associates know, OTPs are expanding throughout the United States, responding to the increasing need to access comprehensive treatment, which is the hallmark of well-run opioid treatment programs.
The AATOD Board of Directors agreed to release recommendations to the field for siting new opioid treatment programs throughout the United States, wherever they are needed.
These guidelines encourage OTP sponsors and managers to work with the surrounding community and other treatment facilities as they decide to open new treatment programs. It is imperative that OTPs work with local and state officials as a method of coordinating the opening of such treatment programs.
It took over three decades for the American public to get to the current place of a public health epidemic of opioid use and abuse and it will take years to emerge from this devastating crisis, which is claiming so many lives each day.
It is our collective hope that these guidelines will provide useful recommendations as our treatment system expands over the course of the coming years.
I would be interested in receiving any feedback that you may have with regard to these guidelines.


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Could these recommendations be expanded to include an optimal physical layout of a clinic that would be state of the art, CARF, DEA, SAMHSA regulations, and most importantly, privacy and comfort of the clients.

11/22/17 @ 2:50 pm

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