Telehealth Services Through OTPs

AATOD’s Five-Year Plan

Telehealth services expanded significantly at OTPs, and we learned that many patients did not have the technology for visual/two-way exchange, leaving them with audio-only opportunities. This experience has also compelled a review of how such services can be incorporated into updated OTP policy. AATOD is renewing its recommendation to have SAMHSA change the ability of OTPs to admit new patients to treatment with methadone via telehealth. This will be especially important to the recommendations that follow.

AATOD will also continue to work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure that proper reimbursement rates will cover telehealth services. CMS Medicare has already provided guidance and we hope that their reimbursement policy approaches will be matched through CMS Medicaid.

For this #GIVINGTUESDAY, why not help AATOD continue to expand access to quality Opioid Use Disorder treatment services, which has been our hallmark since 1984. #oud #morethanmedicine

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