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Ms. Sharel Rogers stands at the fore front of the medication assisted treatment industry, she currently serves as the CEO of Addiction Medical Solutions, a Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Group that owns and operates five medication assisted treatment programs and provides consultation and program management services to the treatment industry.

Sharel is distinguished by her passion for business, her focus on collaborative team-building, and her commitment to meeting patient, staff and market demands. Her contagious enthusiasm instills her and her team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Ms. Rogers does not just set out ambitious goals … she motivates people to deliver.

Ms. Rogers has worked in the field of addictions for the past twenty-five years specializing in the field of Medication Assisted Treatment utilizing the medications such as methadone, Orlaam, Suboxone®, Subutex, buprenorphine and Vivitrol.

Ms. Rogers is the daughter of Galen E. Rogers, MS, a winner of the prestigious Nyswander-Dole Award recognizing Lifetime Achievement by the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD). Mr. Rogers opened private treatment programs under the name San Diego Health Alliance, later partnering and expanding treatment nationwide to become one of the largest treatment providers of its time under the name WCHS, Inc.

Ms. Rogers followed in her father’s footsteps by working in the field in various capacities including ten years as Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Business Development for CRC Health Group (formerly WCHS Inc. now Acadia Health Care), the largest provider of substance abuse treatment services in the US. During her tenure, Ms. Rogers oversaw day to day operations of more than 20 medication assisted treatment programs and opened over 15 new facilities in several states, as well as, relocated numerous facilities to new locations.

Ms. Rogers has vast experience in business development including: the determination of needs analysis, evaluating geographic gaps in treatment utilizing census data, growth trends, site selection, and Community and Government Relations.

Ms. Rogers also has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, including completing due diligence and financial analysis.

In 2009, Ms. Rogers co-founded Addiction Medical Solutions. Ms. Rogers is also the majority owner of eight medication assisted treatment facilities located throughout Mexico operating under the names Profesionales Contra la Adiccion and Asistencia Medica Contra la Adiccion.

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