Chimera Award Recipients

Chimera Award
A few words to explain why we chose the name “Chimera” for this award.
Chimera was a monster in the Greek mythology: it had a lion head, a goat body and a dragon tail: being a monster, it can well represent drug addiction as a monster that must be defeated.
But, in the poetical language, the term “Chimera” means unrealizable dreams, impossible imaginations: and in this sense, it still well represents the attempt made by doctors of realizing their dream of helping drug addicts.
In both senses, therefore, we can say that some kind of physicians, those who try to treat drug addiction, run after “chimeras”, both to kill the monster, and to realize their dream of helping drug addicts.

The Europad Chimera Award has been given to:
2018 (Krakow, Poland)
Maurice Dematteis – France
Matteo Pacini – Italy
Gabrielle Welle-Strand – Norway
Mark Parrino – USA – Career Award
2016 (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Einat Peles – Israel
Ambros Uchtenhagen – Switzerland
Peter Vossenberg – The Netherlands
Jean-Pierre Daulouede – France – Career Award
2014 (Glasgow, UK)
Thomas Clausen – Norway
Vladimir Mendelevich – Russia
Lorenzo Somaini – Italy
Mary Jeanne Kreek – USA – Career Award
2012 (Barcelona, Spain)
Miguel Casas – Spain
Pascal Courty – France
Helge Waal – Norway
Robert Newman – USA – Career Award
2010 (Zagreb, Croatia)
Sergey Dvoryak (Kiev, Ukraine)
Luis Patricio (Lisbon, Portugal, EU)
Slavko Sakoman (Zagreb, Croatia)
Loretta Finnegan (Avalon, NJ, USA) – Career Award
2008 (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Gabriele Fischer (Vienna, Austria, EU))
Andrej Kastelic (Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU)
Didier Touzeau (Paris, France, EU)
2007 (Pietrasanta, Italy)
Joyce Lowinson (USA) received a Special Chimera Award, during the 3rd EUROPAD-ITALIA Conference
2006 (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Gilberto Gerra (Italy)
Marta Torrens (Spain)
Ante Ivancic (Croatia)
2004 (Paris, France)
Pier Paolo Pani (Italy)
Jean-Jacques Deglon (Switzerland)
Alexander Kantchelov (Bulgaria)
Icro Maremmani (Italy), Marc Reisinger (Belgium) and Alessandro Tagliamonte (Italy) received a Carreer Chimera Award
2002 (Oslo, Norway)
Marc Auriacombe (France)
Mercedes Lovrecic (Slovenia)
Lubomir Okhrulica (Slovak Republic)
2000 (Valenzano, Arezzo, Italy)
Olof Blix (Sweden)

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