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Any opioid treatment program in good standing may apply for program membership at the annual dues fee of $250.00, in addition to any certified DATA 2000 practice in the United States. Programs must be in good standing to apply for membership. Good standing implies that programs follow the principles outlined in the Association’s Canon of Ethics. Program members are required to sign a statement to this effect. Please note that programs within AATOD’s existing state membership may NOT apply for individual program membership.

Benefits of Becoming a Program Member

  • Receive AATOD’s most current policy statements, quarterly reports, national advisories, research findings, reviews and special surveys, in addition to advanced notice of conference/training event announcements
  • Receive a copy of the award-winning DVD “The Joy of Being Normal”
  • Receive a Certificate of Membership
  • Obtain product information about best available services for OTPs
  • Access to AATOD President with regard to policy questions
  • Access to information and webinars about Health Care Reform and related policy issues
  • 5% discount of Legal Action Center publications
  • Receive priority handling when registering for any of AATOD’s events
  • Access to toll-free hotline for employment discrimination practice

Please click HERE to apply online for AATOD membership!

As supporters of #MedicationAssistedTreatment, we understand the dangers of allowing methadone – a Schedule II narcotic – to be distributed at local pharmacies. 
ACT NOW by telling Congress to protect the #OTP standard of care & our communities: #PNAP

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