AATOD’s Five-Year Plan

There have been many challenges to the opening of new treatment centers. Perhaps the greatest challenge is educating a wary American public in overcoming the stigma of opioid use disorder, especially the use of medications in treating such disorders in community-based settings.

AATOD will continue to utilize its available resources and develop new funding opportunities in order to meet the challenges the system faces and will continue to face.

The AATOD Board of Directors is grateful for the participation of treatment programs and many policy planning partners to achieve long term success on behalf of the patients we treat. The organizing hallmark of AATOD has always been developing collaborative, long-term working relationships with all partners in the treatment of our patients both in the United States and throughout the world. Our focus has always been to improve access to care and when such access is available to be certain that the quality of care is evidence driven and patient centered.

It is anticipated that the next several years will continue to represent major challenges to our system. It is critically important to educate Members of Congress, State Legislatures and the American public about the value of treating opioid addiction with medications based on evidence.

To this end, AATOD is recommending that federal agencies, which have jurisdiction in this policy arena, promulgate educational campaigns to teach the American public how people get into trouble using opioids and why medication-assisted treatment is so vital in effectively treating this disorder.

We are encouraged by the increasing interest in our work and will utilize the elements of our strategic plan to advance the interest of the patients we treat and to prepare our member programs for the challenges that lie ahead.


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