A5 – A Clinical Conundrum: Pain, Addiction or Both

Primary Presenter(s)

    • MK

      Mark Kraus, MD.

      Chief Medical Officer
      Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc.,

      Disclosure: Nothing to disclose


  • Icro Maremmani, MD

    Professor of Addiction Medicine
    Santa Chiara University Hospital, University of Pisa, Italy

  • Alan Nolan, LCSW

    Director of Clinical Operations
    Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc.

How do we intervene in a safe and effective way to stabilize the patient who has been diagnosed with both opioid dependence and chronic pain? An international Panel combining expertize in both addiction and pain were invited to develop a best practice approach for patients with concurrent opiate use disorder and non-malignant pain. The presenters will discuss the outcomes of these meetings and the development of a best practice approach for these patients. It will require a paradigm shift that embraces the idea that both conditions can be treated concurrently utilizing a model that employs integrative strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Bring out the medical necessity for healthcare professionals to recognize, appreciate, and make treatment for their pain/addiction patient.
  • Appreciate the differences and similarities of the pain and addiction patients who have both “diseases.”
  • Identify strategies to treat this population of pain/addiction patients.

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