Alexander Kantchelov, MD

Director, The Kantchelov Clinic Sofia
President, Bulgarian Methadone Treatment Association
Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers
Member of the Board of Directors, European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association

His teachers in addictions treatment and behaviour change have been Prof. David Deitch, Prof. Paul Salkovskis, Dr. William Miller, Dr. Steven Rollnick, Prof. Nick Heather, Dr. Marc Shinderman, Prof. Icro Maremmani, and the most difficult of his patients.

For the period 1999-2006 Dr. Kantchelov has been devoted to developing methadone treatment in Bulgaria. He had invested sustained professional efforts to promote methadone maintenance treatment among the professional community and the decision and policy makers.

In 2002 Dr. Kantchelov has established the Kantchelov Clinic, the first specialized clinic for addictions treatment in Bulgaria with the mission to develop and comprehensive treatment models, implement state-of-the-art clinical practice, reach high clinical results, support the establishment of a national network of methadone programs around the country, and be the leading face in the addiction treatment in Bulgaria, and was the first to open the gate for extending methadone treatment in Bulgaria.

He had authored more than 50 publications and presentations including:

– “Motivational Interviewing with Couples”, In: Miller, W.R. and Rollnick, S., Motivational Interviewing: Preparing people for change, Second Edition, Guilford Press, 2002.
– “Structured Motivational Interventions in Methadone Maintenance Treatment”, Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems, 2003.
– “Motivational Interventions for Methadone Treated Patients”, In: Italian Methadone Treatment Guidelines, 2005.

As a sign of recognition for his contributions to extending methadone maintenance treatment and developing quality therapeutic models for heroin addicted patients, Dr. Kantchelov has been awarded the “Chimera Award” of the European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association, 2004, and the “Nyswander-Dole Award” of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, 2007.

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