Anita R. Kennedy, CRPA CMA

Peer Specialist
NAMA Recovery

I am a Peer Engagement Specialist who creates linkages with the community based organizations and other stakeholders in East Harlem, NY, to combat substance use disorders, with a specific focus on opioids. I work with hospitals and direct street outreach to provide referrals for treatment and other necessities, to enhance the well-being of those in need. In addition to attending community meetings and other events, I provide training for opioid overdose prevention, including Naloxone kits. I have received additional training with LGBTQ, veteran, and domestic violence populations.


Like too many New Yorkers, I know what it's like to lose a loved one to addiction—there’s an empty chair at our family table where my nephew, Michael, should be. This is personal for me. Today we’re taking action to combat the opioid epidemic and offer New Yorkers hope. Thread⬇️

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