Connecting Community Outpatient Treatment Program to Corrections for Pregnant Patients

Monday, October 21
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Location: Coronado Springs Resort, Coronado L
CE: 1.5

Primary Presenter(s)

    • DC

      Dayan Colon Sanchez, MD

      Addiction Psychiatrist
      Denver Health Medical Center

      Disclosure: Nothing to disclose


  • Anna Munoa, MD

    Hospitalist, Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Denver Health Medical Center

    Disclosure: Nothing to disclose

  • MG

    Michelle Gaffaney, PA-C

    Physician Assistant
    Denver Health Medical Center

    Disclosure: Nothing to disclose

Many organizations have declared pregnant women as a special population and have implemented special practice protocols to allow immediate access to medications for opioid use disorder (OUD). However what happens when these women are arrested? We will describe a collaborative program designed with Denver Health Center and the Denver City Jail developed to provide methadone treatment for pregnant inmates with OUD. We will use case vignettes to review indications for medications for OUD during pregnancy, current practice within the criminal justice system, and discuss successes and barriers encountered during development of this care model.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion, participants will be able to describe correctional setting standards for management of opiate dependent pregnant prisoners.
  • Upon completion, participant will be describe a community OTP and correctional collaboration, as well as describe challenges and success in developing this program.
  • Upon completion, participant will be able to identify areas of risk during transitions of custody and community.

As supporters of #MedicationAssistedTreatment, we understand the dangers of allowing methadone – a Schedule II narcotic – to be distributed at local pharmacies. 
ACT NOW by telling Congress to protect the #OTP standard of care & our communities: https://programnotapill.com/write-congress/ #PNAP

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