Brent Gibson, MD, MPH, FACPM, CCHP-P

Chief Health Officer
National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Dr. Gibson is Chief Health Officer for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and Managing Director of NCCHC Resources, Inc. As the organization’s senior clinical executive and a Certified Association Executive, he works in both a leadership and technical capacity and is deeply engaged in defining the overall strategy and direction of the organization. Dr. Gibson’s directly advises the CEO, various NCCHC committees, and the Board of Directors on a variety of matters with a special emphasis on issues with clinical and public health implications. He actively promotes the work of the Commission by serving in numerous outreach, facilitation, and technical support capacities. He works closely with thought leaders, clinicians, and elected officials to facilitate education, training, and technical assistance as they develop local solutions for providing quality health care to incarcerated persons with specific needs.

Dr. Gibson also serves as Managing Director for the affiliated not-for-profit consulting firm NCCHC Resources, Inc. Here, he and his team have provided critical technical assistance to correctional health care programs nationwide. Under his direct leadership, NCCHC Resources has pioneered the Correctional Health Care Management Office, an innovative continuous quality improvement and risk reduction initiative now in practice. The CHCMO provides national health care experts on a continuous and ongoing basis to advise leaders and clinicians, monitor performance, perform auditing services, and support an overarching aim of continuous quality improvement.

Dr. Gibson is a licensed physician and is board-certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. He lives in the city of Chicago with his wife of 21 years and their six children.


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