MAT in the Middle of Nowhere: Clever Solutions to a Rural Health Crisis

Tuesday, October 22
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Yucatan 1-3
CE: 1.5

Primary Presenter(s)

    • Amanda Gordon, MS, CACIII

      MAT Advocate

      Disclosure: Nothing to Disclose


  • Chio Ramirez, CAC III

    Director San Luis Valley Services

    Disclosure: Nothing to disclose

  • Bradley Bertrand, CAC III

    Medication Assisted Treatment Compliance Director
    Crossroads’ Turning Points, Inc.

    Disclosure: Nothing to disclose

This presentation will discuss how the Opioid epidemic has affected small communities by examining three specific rural towns in Southern Colorado who have recently opened or expanded MAT services. The communities will be assessed as a business environment to tease out unique qualities that inform program development strategies. While the locations will be discussed specifically, the topic is intended to be generalizable to other rural locations so that providers may consider how to better serve rural locations in their vicinity. Panel Q&A will be provided at the end.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the use and importance of a PEST analysis for understanding the business/community environment where opening a MAT clinic.
  • Describe how different barriers and opportunities exist that are unique to rural communities.
  • Describe the importance of community networking and relationship building in supporting a MAT clinic in rural communities.

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