Carol Cruz, CRC

Professional Recovery Coach
Cornell Scott Hill Health Center

Carol Cruz is Certified Professional Recovery Coach with 25-years of lived-experience in long-term recovery from substance use and depression. Through her own rigorous journey “walking the walk,” Carol founded a nonprofit to provide recovery resource supports to individuals and families affected by the onset of addiction and mental health challenges. Currently she is a Recovery Coach/Case Manager at Cornell Scott Hill Health Center – SCRC detox and outpatient MAT program. She provides client and staff support through group facilitation, one-on-one coaching, and is a resource broker connecting individuals to treatment, housing and transportation as well as other recovery pathways. Her career in coaching works to create a sustainable transformation for her clients to assist them in rebuilding a greater connection, fulfillment, and success in their life in recovery.


Like too many New Yorkers, I know what it's like to lose a loved one to addiction—there’s an empty chair at our family table where my nephew, Michael, should be. This is personal for me. Today we’re taking action to combat the opioid epidemic and offer New Yorkers hope. Thread⬇️

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