Anywhere, Anytime: A Model for Universal Access to Opioid Medication

Tuesday, October 22
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Coronado Springs Resort, Fiesta 5
CE: 1.5

Primary Presenter(s)

    • DC

      Dayan Colon Sanchez, MD

      Addiction Psychiatrist
      Denver Health Medical Center

      Disclosure: Nothing to disclose


  • Lisa Gawenus, FACHE

    Director of Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
    Denver Health Hospital Authority

    Disclosure: Nothing to disclose

  • JT

    Jean Thomas, PA

    Physician Assistant Addiction Psychiatry
    Denver Health

    Disclosure: Nothing to disclose

Misuse of, and dependence on, opioids is a significant public health crisis and patients with Opioid use Disorder (OUD) often present to EDs, sometimes leading to Inpatient hospital admissions, for medical issues such as withdrawal, poisoning, acute illness or trauma, and psychiatric conditions. Due to criminalization, these persons may become incarcerated. In this workshop, presenters will discuss a vertically integrated healthcare system’s commitment to help initiate Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) anywhere and anytime and enrolled into OTP or OBOT. Presenters will discuss the clinical pathways, between initiation and treatment, between partners, early program results and administrative processes to support this work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe challenges facing health systems and individual providers for delivering medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorders.
  • Describe how a Hub and Spoke Model facilitates patient’s entry into medication assisted opioid treatment and describe clinical dilemmas in the aggressive extension of MAT in highly acute medical and psychiatric care settings.
  • Describe clinical dilemmas in the aggressive extension of MAT in highly acute medical and psychiatric care settings
  • Describe aspects of program development, cultivating partnership, and blending grants (including Marijuana Tax revenue) and Medicaid reimbursement for sustainable operations.

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